Frequently Asked Questions


What is Semaglutide ?

This is a GPL-1 medication that has been used for years to treat Type 2 Diabetes. It can also help with weight loss. It is a medication that you inject into your subcutaneous tissue once per week that mimics a hormone your body produces to help decrease appetite, slow down digestion, and improve your insulin sensitivity, so you have better glucose control.

What is Tirzepatide ?
This is specifically for weight loss. This is a GPL-1, plus GIP, another hormone that helps with appetite suppression, so it has a dual action to help with weight loss.
How do I give myself an injection ?

Giving a subcutaneous injection can be a little uncomfortable if you have never done it before. You will get detailed instructions with your medication on how to draw up and administer an injection. You will also get instructions through our health app. You can always contact us if you need further guidance.

What other medications do you offer ?
There are several medications we can consider based on your individual needs. We can use individually, or add on the treatment plan that is right for you.
How does this work ?
For a limited time, get a free 15 minute consultation to learn about the benefits of joining Renew Medical Weight Loss Clinic and how we can help you achieve your goals!  We will go over the different plans, answer your questions and help you feel confident to take the next step to a healthier you!
How do I pay for a membership if I am interested ?

After your initial consult, any consult fee will be applied to the membership of your choice, only paying the remainder of the membership fee.

I had labs done recently, do I have to get more bloodwork ?

We absolutely can use labs you have had within the last 3 months.  Depending on what your goals are and which labs you have had, additional labs may be necessary.

How much weight can I lose ?

Depending on which program is used and your starting point, 1-2 pounds lost per week is average. Studies have shown you can lose 15% of your body weight with  medications such as semaglutide and up to 20% of your body weight with tirzepatide.

Are there any side effects ?

There can be side effects with any medication used. The most common in the GLP-1 category are related to GI (nausea, bloating, constipation). We start at a low dose and increase the dose as your body tolerates it. We look forward to discussing this more at your appointment.